I wasn't sure of what to expect from an attorney. I have never been in real trouble before as the only time I have been in court was for traffic tickets.

I had been charged with a petty theft and I was very scared and terified. I did a lot of research on attorneys and law firms. After talking with Kia Champion over the phone I was 100% sure he was the one who can help me.
He has a lot of Charisma and a great personality, his knowledge of the law is vast and he talks in a simple, yet intelligent way.

In court Kia was magnificent, aggressive when he needed to be and calm and cool when it called for it.
I am really impressed and I truly mean it when I say he is the best.
Thank you Kia for being there to help me!

P. M.

Kia Champion came highly recommended through a friend and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome of my case! He was very professional and knowledgeable about my case and my options. He made himself available whether it was over the phone or before court with all my questions, concerns and fears. I too would highly recommend Kia Champion for anyone who has an unfortunate run in with the law. And more than anything I wouldn't hesitate to call Kia again should I come across a similar situation again.

K. N.

Mr. Champion was great. I'll be honest, I wasn't looking forward to dealing with attorneys. Point proven when I called 4 different offices and they didn't give me the time of day until I made a financial commitment. However when I called Mr. Champion, his secretary transferred me directly to him and he took the time to patiently ask and anwser all of my questions. Not only did I find Mr. Champions customer service and communication top notch, but he also produced results that by far exceeded my expectations.

B. Y.

Kia helped me at a time when I really needed straightforward and honest counsel. He answered all of my questions and was respectful of my concerns, which was great! I got the result I wanted too. Can't say enough good things about Kia - I highly recommend his services to anyone.

A. N.

I was stopped by the LAPD for speeding. Unfortunately, I had been drinking so I was charged with a DUI. I couldn't risk having a DUI on my record because my work requires having a clean record. I hired Mr. Kia and he was awesome. He was able to dismissed both the DUI and speeding ticket. I owe him my career. Hirely recommend Kia. He's fees are reasonable and he was always available when I contacted him. He's great lawyer.

B. K.

I had a not so pleasant encounter with the police that required me to find representation. I was embarrassed about what had happened so I kept the situation from my loved ones, but quickly realized that I didn't have to face the charges alone. Mr. Champion was extremely professional and walked me through the entire process without making me feel less-than. He was attentive to my needs and always kept an open line of communication with me, which was helpful as my court dates came closer. It was great to know I was in good hands and that he knew what he was doing. All I had to do was make a court appearance, be honest about what had happened and give him my information, then he handled the rest! In the end, he was able to lower my charges and let me off with a few hours of community service instead of jail time and a damaged driving record. I can't thank Mr. Champion enough for being by my side through a difficult situation and taking care of the matter so I can move on from that time in my life!

A. G.

I was very impressed with Mr. Champion. I was arrested for residential burglary, which I did not commit. I spoke to several attorneys, and all of them quoted me between $10,000.00 and $15,000.00. Mr. Champion was very honest and forthright about his experience, or lack thereof, but he promised me he would fully commit to my case. He also only charged me $5000.00. I decided to trust him and hired him to represent me. Long story short, he came through for me. He was able to prove that I was not there on the night of the incident, and the charges were dropped. I have my life back thanks to him.

G. G.

Frankly speaking, I was extremely nervous about everything that I dealt with my court date and the overall process I went through, and hiring a good attorney was the key to my success.
I met and consulted with several criminal defense attorneys and law firms in order to determine who would be the best for me, and what stood out about Weinreib Law Firm were their honesty, responsiveness and confidence. Back then Kia Champion was part of the Weinreib Team. From the day first Kia impressed me with his professionalism, tactfulness, diligence and ethics. From the time I met him I could already tell that he had a big heart for helping out people and he was serious about resolving the matters. I have never had to deal with anything criminal before, so I was all new to this. Kia made me feel very comfortable about how everything was going to work and what exactly he was going to do for me in order to minimize the damage at hand. He took the time to explain to me the details of what really can happen and what can be possible. He won’t feed me with lies or make empty promises about my case; he’ll always be straight forward with me, always patient and willing to answer all my questions. He replied to all of my texts, phone calls and/ or emails in a very promptly and timely manner.
Although my case is still pending the court date, but I firmly believe it will be settled soon in a best possible way and will be dismissed.
Now I am convinced that hiring the right attorney was the best thing I did. From the very beginning I felt confident and protected.
Thank you Kia,

I really appreciate the fact that you were always available returning my calls and promptly replying to my text messages. I highly recommend you to anyone facing criminal charges and is looking to hire the best attorney hands down. Again, thank you for everything you did for me.

I truly appreciate your candor, integrity, and work ethic. More attorneys should be like you in an ideal world, but sadly, too many attorneys view their clients as just that and forget that they are human beings. Although our circumstances were unfortunate, I am blessed to have met you and will recommend your services with the utmost regard, as you’re an invaluable asset to my case and excelled all my expectations.

K. T.

Kia is a fantastic attorney! I was arrested for petty theft. I had never been in trouble with the law before so I was understandably freaking out. From the moment I stepped into his office, he made me feel comfortable and welcomed. He was open and honest about my case. He calmed me down when I would freak out and he eventually got the case dismissed. I've called him subsequently for legal advice and he's always willing to help. I really see him as more than an attorney, he's become my friend. He's also very affordable, as he charged me much less than some other attorneys quoted. I strongly recommend him.

H. A.