Mr. Nielsen is a Junior Partner at Champion Law Firm with a background in employment litigation and personal injury.  As different as these practice areas may seem, they share a commonality.  Since the inception of his desire to practice law, Mr. Nielsen has felt inexorably drawn toward standing up for the “little guy.”  Whether an individual is facing the legal might of the federal government, a multinational corporate employer, or a massive unsympathetic insurance company, Mr. Nielsen knows the only way to even the playing field against these entities is to put a thumb on the scale.

Mr. Nielsen, through his commitment, compassion, and character, has made it his mission to ensure his clients stand as equals at the bargaining table.  He also understands how intimidating the litigation process can be without a strong advocate at your side walking you throughout the process.  On multiple occasions, he has taken over and successfully settled cases from other lawyers where the client had been lured into signing up, heard nothing for months, and was ultimately dropped once the lawyer found out the other side was willing to fight.  Mr. Nielsen works tirelessly to advocate on his client’s behalf and works to ensure his clients are actively engaged in the development of their case.

Mr. Nielsen graduated with distinction from the prestigious Santa Clara University School of Law in the heart of Silicon Valley.  As a law student, he developed his skills as an attorney by representing low-income clients at the Department of Labor as part of the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center Workers’ Rights Clinic.  After passing the California Bar exam on his first attempt, Mr. Nielsen began honing his expertise in employment law under one of Los Angeles’ preeminent Plaintiff’s-side employment attorneys, Cody Knight.

At the Champion Law Firm, Mr. Nielsen has developed three main practice areas: employment law, personal injury, and property damage cases on high-end luxury vehicles.  Mr. Nielsen has prevailed on a wide variety of claims, including PAGA Claims, Class Actions, Wage and Hour Claims, Prevailing Wage Claims, Independent Contractor Misclassification, Sexual Harassment, Disability Discrimination, Whistleblower Retaliation, Negligence, Bodily Injury Claims, Wrongful Death, Loss of Use, Diminution in Value, and Negligent Interference with Contract.

Mr. Nielsen’s expertise in a wide variety of legal specialties has enabled him to personally obtain over $5,000,000 in recoveries for his clients.  He is currently the lead negotiator at the Champion Law Firm and has a 100% success rate at resolving matters in mediation.

Mr. Nielsen’s sharp wit, knowledge of the law, and ability to think outside the box make him an effective counterweight in the battle against inequity in the legal system.  He owes a large part of his success to his commitment to authenticity in all aspects of his practice.  Despite his youth, Mr. Nielsen has already been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers, National Advocates Top 40 Under 40 – Employment Law, and a Top Employment Attorney by Expertise.com.

Kaelan T. Nielsen, Esq.