Mr. Ensign’s passion for problem solving and helping others is an invaluable resource for those in need of legal services.  Whether it be the traumatic experience of a car accident, or a contentious relationship with an employer, Mr. Ensign’s empathy and aptitude for the law allows him to help others successfully navigate their legal challenges.

Advocating for those faced with difficult situations is where Mr. Ensign finds purpose and satisfaction.  In his career with the Champion Law Firm, he helps clients through the intimidating nuances of personal injury, employment, and criminal law matters.  Mr. Ensign’s well-developed skills in legal writing, litigation, and negotiation allow him to maximize results and achieve justice for his clients.

Mr. Ensign’s education includes a Bachelor’s in Marketing, a Master’s in International Business, and a Juris Doctor degree from Silicon Valley’s Santa Clara University School of Law where he also earned the specialized High Tech Law Certificate.

Jared S. Ensign, Esq.