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The California Street Enforcement and Prevention Act (STEP) comprises of two main components: 1) Penal Code section 186.22(a), which makes it a felony to participate in a street gang, or assist a gang in felonious conduct; and 2) Penal Code section 186.22(b), which creates a mandatory sentence for anyone who commits a felony for the benefit of a gang.

This mandatory sentence is in addition to whatever sentence the person receives for the underlying felony. Depending on the underlying felony, the mandatory sentence for the gang enhancement under 186.22(b) can be two, fifteen, or as much as twenty five additional years in prison consecutive to whatever the sentence for the underlying felony is.

California’s gang enhancement laws are among the most punitive in the United States.

Even if someone is not a gang member, they can be convicted under 186.22(b). For example, a person who commits a felony in concert with a known gang member can be charged under the STEP act.

Fortunately, the burden is on the prosecution to prove that a person is a gang member, or committed the crime they are charged with for the benefit of a gang.

The Champion Law Firm has amassed extensive knowledge about the various gang networks and enterprises in and around Los Angeles. This knowledge is imperative to building a successful defense. Too many times, the prosecutor’s office is quick to label a person as a gang member. We use our experience and knowledge to fight these unwarranted classifications.

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