Probation Violation Attorneys

When a person is convicted of a crime, they are often placed on probation in lieu of jail time, or in combination with a jail sentence. Formal probation requires the defendant to perform obligations required by the court. These obligations differ depending on the crime the defendant was convicted of. The obligations can include community service, paying fines, staying out of trouble, attending meetings or classes, and many more. Summary probation is imposed when the defendant is not required to complete any obligations, but rather, must avoid getting in trouble for the duration of the probationary period.

If a person is accused of violating their probation, they are entitled to a hearing to try to prove their innocence, or explain their reasons for violating probation in hopes of having their probation reinstated.

Judges have wide discretion in determining the consequences for a probation violation and will consider several factors such as the seriousness of the violation, the defendant’s prior criminal history, the defendant’s history of prior violations, and any recommendations made by the probation department. The judge may decide to revoke probation and send the defendant to prison. The judge can also reinstate probation but add additional obligations the defendant must complete. Finally, the judge may decide to give the probationer another chance and reinstate probation and impose the same obligations that the probationer had before the violation.

Because of the array of possibilities afforded the judge when a person commits a probation violation, it is imperative to speak to an attorney right away.

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Probation Violation Attorneys

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