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Sex crimes encompass a wide range of crimes that vary in their seriousness. All of the following are considered sex crimes: sexual battery, rape, statutory rape, engaging in or soliciting prostitution, child sexual abuse, date rape, oral copulation by force, engaging in or soliciting lewd conduct, lewd acts with a child, possession of child pornography, and indecent exposure.

It is imperative to take a proactive approach when defending against sex crimes. The prosecution will try to prove their case by using physical, technical, and scientific evidence. The foundation of the prosecution’s case is the victim interview. If the alleged victim is a child, a trained nurse is often times deployed to try to extract the necessary information the prosecution will need to convict the defendant. At the Champion Law Firm, the interview is dissected word for word to find inconsistencies or other facts that will be helpful to our client’s defense.

DNA evidence is also an important part of the prosecution’s case. The alleged victim and the defendant are both subjected to examinations and blood and fluid samples are extracted and tested. The prosecution’s goal is to show that the defendant’s DNA (whether semen or blood) was found on the victim’s body in hopes that the jury will conclude that the defendant committed the crime. At the Champion Law firm, we analyze the scientific evidence thoroughly. Mistakes in collection can render the evidence inadmissible. In addition, the presence of DNA belonging to someone other than the defendant can also be used to clear our client’s name.

Physical evidence is also a key part of the prosecution’s case. In rape or child molestation cases, the prosecution will often try to show physical injuries on the victim to prove that the defendant committed the criminal act. In many cases, there are rational explanations for the injuries. At the Champion Law Firm, a full investigation is conducted to bring these explanations to light.

As you can see, sex crimes are complicated and require expertise not only in the law, but also scientific training, intuitive and creative reasoning, and the ability to uncover truths that are hidden behind the evidence.

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Sex Crime Attorneys

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