Theft Lawyers

Theft crimes in California can range from misdemeanor petty theft to felony residential burglary, and many other crimes in between. Fortunately, California realizes that many people who commit theft crimes made a mistake and offers a way for them to avoid a permanent conviction on their record.

First time offenders of some theft crimes may be eligible for diversion programs that can result in dismissal of the case if the defendant completes community service and classes imposed by the court. Avoiding a permanent record is very important for future employment prospects. Employers are often hesitant to hire someone who has been convicted of a theft crime. That is why at the Champion Law Firm we exhaust all resources to try and help our client’s avoid a conviction.

The more serious theft crimes such as grand theft auto or residential burglary require thorough investigation to defend. Diversion programs are usually not available for these more serious felony offenses. Some of these crimes also include attachment of a “strike” if the defendant is convicted. Therefore, the Champion Law Firm focuses on building a case to ensure that a jury will find reasonable doubt and find the defendant not guilty.

If all else fails and all other avenues have been exhausted, the Champion Law Firm will use the connections and relationships we have built to try to avoid jail time or receive a reduced sentence. Lines of communications are always open between our clients and us. No decision is made without first explaining and consulting with you.

As you can see, a full analysis and investigation of the evidence, facts, and witnesses is required to properly defend against theft crimes.

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