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We’re busy and on the move every day. When we go to work, to school, the department store, the market, school auditorium for a recital, high school gymnasium for a basketball game; wherever we go, often the last thing on our minds is a slip and fall accident. However, a serious slip and fall can surprise us and result in serious injuries including broken bones, head injuries and, in the worst cases, traumatic brain injuries. A slip and fall can completely derail our lives.

Not only are you dealing with physical pain, but also the costs of medical expenses and missed work, as well as the humiliation of an embarrassing accident, that could have been avoided if not for someone else’s negligence.

Do not panic and read on. Below is critical information for your next steps.

You should KNOW:

The liability of an owner or operator of a premise depends on varying circumstances, including, but not limited to, what state the accident took place. Additionally, liability in a home is different than in a public store, which can also be different than on a construction site. It can be confusing to hold premise owners accountable without knowledge of the nuances of liability law.

You should NOT:

  • Make any detailed statements concerning fault of the accident;
  • Give any recorded statements to insurance agents;


  • Seek medical attention, if you are injured;
  • Record names of the owners and managers of the property where you were injured;
  • Record names of any witnesses who saw the incident;
  • Take good pictures of the scene, as well as of the injuries sustained;
  • Save the footwear and clothing worn at the time of the accident;
  • Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Champion Law Firm

Our personal injury lawyers can help you navigate the confusing bureaucracy involved in personal injury claims and litigate the case on your behalf to try and recover compensation for personal injury, emotional suffering, and lost wages.
Playing it smart and getting the right help is essential to your liability claim. Call the personal injury lawyers at Champion Law Firm today at 818-995-8200.

Slips and Falls Lawyers