Know Your Rights and Stay Aware of These Common Law Enforcement Myths

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The law is widely misunderstood due to an increasing influence of the media. Whether it is through law enforcement television shows, or biased media portrayals, criminal law has become increasingly misunderstood in the eyes of the people due to skewed information.

Considering the fact that innocent people have served 3,944 years in U.S. prisons, it’s incredibly important to know your rights so you can protect yourself if you are ever arrested by a member of law enforcement. Here are some of the most common legal myths to be aware of when arrested.

Myth: Evidence cannot be used in your case if the police did not have a search warrant.
The fourth amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects Americans from unreasonable searches and seizures. It states that a member of law enforcement must first go in front of a judge and explain why they have probable cause for a search warrant. However, there are some exceptions to these warrant requirements, including plain and open view law, stop-and-frisk, automobile searches, or emergency circumstances. If this has happened to you and you feel as if your rights were violated, make sure you contact a compassionate lawyer to fight for your privacy and protection.

Myth: You have the right to a phone call.
Unfortunately, this myth has been perpetuated by the nation’s media. While many police officers allow you to make a phone call if you have been arrested, they are not constitutionally obligated to do so.

Myth: You cannot get convicted of a crime if a cop lies to you.
The Supreme Court has long upheld the government’s right to make deceptions and false claims against you if they strongly feel that you have committed a crime. While entrapment is illegal and a police officer cannot use excessive force to get you to commit a crime, they can be largely free to do and say what they feel to gather evidence.

If you ever feel as if you are in violation of your rights, it is important to contact a reputable criminal defense lawyer to protect you. Make sure to acquire the highest level of legal representation by having Kia Champion work on your case. Not all Los Angeles criminal law attorneys are the same, so choose Mr. Champion, the criminal defense lawyer that will work hard for you and your protection.

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